Bulletin Board

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The bulletin board located right next to our studio is a great way to keep informed on current events for WCCX, The bulletin board is one of WCCX's primary methods of communicating with our listeners, being in a prime location for students heading to the Tech Center.

Below are some of the past bulletin boards WCCX has created:

BulletinBoard_2011-11-30_DiversityWeek.jpg BulletinBoard_2012-02-29_SuperheroWeek.jpg BulletinBoard_2012-03-28_GlowDance.jpg BulletinBoard_2012-05-10_GraduatingSeniors.jpg BulletinBoard_2015_12_10_JammingToTheHits.jpg When you want to recruit, use music puns Music helps reduce anxiety and also helps the human mind and body get through stressful times.